Interior Book Design

Self-publishing offers authors the opportunity to publish their books on multiple electronic platforms (for example: Kindle, iBook, Kobo) as well as traditional print versions (PDF). Even though ebooks vary based on reader preference, they can still have some style built in, whereas print versions have more opportunity for customization (fonts, chapter openers, footers, glyphs and separators, drop caps, etc).

What I offer

I can convert your manuscript into an ebook for any and all platforms needed and/or a print version. Ebooks alone tend to be quicker than PDF versions for print copies because print versions need to be laid out without flow capability and require more attention and tweaking along the way. I can also design your back cover and set ISBN bar codes. Estimates dependent on length of manuscript and time frame requested.

Please note: All designed books need to be proofread before publication. That is a separate fee if you want to contract me to do it, but regardless if I do it or not, it never hurts to have more than one person look over the file.

Design sample provided with the permission of author, R. Jean Stevenson.