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3 Sanity Checks for Book Marketing

If you ever want to see time stand still, say the word “marketing” in a group of writers. It’s like someone started a game of “Red Light, Green Light” and forgot to yell “Green light!” after everyone stopped moving. And yes, plenty of the frozen writers do look like they want to flee the room. The rest look like they want to vomit.

The Big Picture: Developmental Editing

Ultimately, a developmental editor helps you develop as a writer. Sure, they help you write a story that others will want to read, but supporting your improvement as a writer is at the heart of the job. What you learn from a DE for one story should help you as you write future stories.

Let’s go!

As a professional editor, I want to help other fic writers disprove the notion that fic writers aren’t real writers. We know better. Plenty of fic writers have published original fiction, some even winning awards for it. You can, too, and I can help you.