Copy Editing

Grammar rules aren’t for everyone. But they are for copy editors. If you know, for instance, that spelling is not your forte, nor do you trust spellcheck or autocorrect (never trust autocorrect), you definitely want to hire a copy editor to work on your manuscript before launching it into the world. You may be a rebel when it comes to following rules, but you don’t want your readers pulled out of your masterpiece because you keep confusing there, they’re, and their, do you?

Having a professional copy editor find and fix your technical errors makes you and your book look professional.

What I offer

I will go over your manuscript looking for the following kinds of errors to correct:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar & usage
  • Continuity/consistency
  • Factual (mostly for nonfiction, but fiction as well if appropriate)

For reference, I use The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition, as well as Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition.


Copy editing estimates* dependent on length of manuscript and time frame requested. If hired, the first thing I’ll do is send you a contract to look over and sign. Then, a non-refundable deposit equal to 1/2 of the agreed upon estimate will be required to start the job and secure your place in my schedule. The second 1/2 will be due right before the completed, edited manuscript is sent back to you.

Contact me today to chat about how I can help you.

*Rates fall within Editorial Freelancers Association guidelines.