Book Design

What a thrill to see your name in print (or “print”)! It’s the culmination of months or years crafting a story that means a lot to you and that you hope means a lot to your readers, too. You want it to look as professional as it sounds. MS Word probably isn’t going to do the job, or make it easy. You need a professional designer to give your story the visual attention and care it deserves. People do judge books not just by their covers, but the insides as well.

What I offer
  • I can convert your manuscript into an e-book for any and all platforms needed (like Kindle, iBook, Kobo, etc.).
  • For your print design needs, I will make sure your book is not only readable, but eye-catching, and in keeping with your genre.
  • I can work with a cover designer, or be your cover designer.

Design estimates* dependent on length of manuscript and time frame requested. E-book and print combo packages available. If hired, the first thing I’ll do is send you a contract to look over and sign. Then, a non-refundable deposit equal to 1/2 of the agreed upon estimate will be required to start the job and secure your place in my schedule. The second 1/2 will be due before I release the design files.

Contact me today to talk about how I can make your book beautiful on the inside and out.

Please note: All designed books need to be proofread before publication. That is a separate fee if you want to contract me to do it, but regardless if I do it or not, it never hurts to have more than one person look over the file.

Design sample provided with the permission of author, R. Jean Stevenson.

*Rates fall within Editorial Freelancers Association guidelines.