Office Hours Help

Or as I like to think of it: time with your personal Yoda. Who hasn’t wanted a helping hand as they learned to use The Force wrote their novel? From concept to pre- and post-publication marketing, there are untold opportunities to get the help you need to avoid dropping your metaphorical R2 unit into the swamp. Whether you need it once, off-and-on, or regularly, my office is open. And I promise not to poke you with my cane if you whine a little.

Here are some ways I can help you with the little things that don’t always feel so little.

  • Research (topics, agents, publishers)
  • Accountability
  • Problem-solving & brain storming story issues
  • Query letter critiques
  • Writing exercises
  • Schedule-setting
  • Ledge-talker-downer, hand-holder, and/or cheerleader

Contact me to schedule a time to meet.

What I charge

$60/hour (scheduled in 15 minute increments for flexibility). You’ll be invoiced at the end of every month with payment due within 15 days.