I consider myself lucky to be able to work with some of the most creative writers I know. They were kind enough to share their thoughts on our collaboration.

Maria has worked with me on two books through editing, rewrites, proofreading, and publication. She has repeatedly demonstrated a keen grasp of character. Her feedback during the rounds of beta reading helped me shape tricky aspects of my characters so that their arcs landed with both feet. Maria sees the complexities in the context of the story and can parse each element clearly. My perspective from within the story can be limited, and she gives me an excellent view from the outside. 

With proofreading, Maria has a trained eye for detail, not only finding typos and grammar errors, but even catching kerning issues.

As an added bonus, she is a truly great person to engage with on a human level. Her intelligence and humor can find a way through anything. 

L. K. Hadley, Author of Snag in the Weave, and Honey & Hive

It was a great pleasure to work with Maria as my editor. She is thorough and diligent, and asked insightful questions that led to a clearer and much more professional manuscript.

R. Jean Stevenson, Author of Tisiphone’s Quest